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About Maria Chase

Hello, my name is Maria, and welcome to my site.


I am a Results Certified Coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute, and founder of Chase Coaching; the preferred training provider for high-performing individuals and ambitious companies.


Our work is based on real science, catalysing powerful change from within the individuals that make up your business.

I have been lucky enough to have spent the past two decades working with people to maximise their potential and enhance their performance. My diverse experience has given me the opportunity to develop a unique synthesis of ideas, strategies and tools from the fields of Pedagogy, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience.


Working with thousands of people, it has been a privilege to experience the potency of this approach, and witness the continuing and exciting developments it engenders.

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Get in touch with me for:

  • Corporate Training

  • One-to-One Coaching

  • 30-Minute Dilemma

  • Bespoke Journeys


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Learning about the brain changes everything

David Rock

Maria Chase Coaching

My Story

At the age of 20 I spent time travelling as a croupier (yes, a croupier). I was so inspired and awed by people’s limitless potential that I took my first degree in Cultural Geography and Community Development from the University of Exeter.


I initially worked with organisations like Oxfam to help people identify the choices they have and empower them to transform their lives. Frustrated by the many glass ceilings I encountered in community development, I then spent the next 20 years in the education sector.

Working in partnership with staff, students and parents, the focus of my work was to find the key to people’s passion, so that motivation easily inspired whatever actions are necessary to reach their desired goals. Drawing from this extensive experience, the transition into the business arena has been fluid and exciting.

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Now, being able to influence the influencers, gives me the best opportunity to share this most vital work as widely as possible.

As David Rock says, "Learning about the brain changes everything".


Working with people individually, in groups and systemically, introduces the next generation of working practices which align with what we know about how the brain works. These new ways of working maximise creativity, productivity and efficiency. This gives people the opportunity to work less, achieve more and get more enjoyment from their working lives.


What is so satisfying about what I do is that I started off wanting to make peoples lives better, and I now get to share and disseminate the science that makes this possible. 

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