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Be Ingenious

Ingenious is a Chase Coaching programme designed specifically to maximise performance, creativity and productivity in business, across all strategic levels.


Filtered through the lens of Applied Neuroscience, Ingenious uses a unique synthesis of simple, elegant and effective tools and strategies. Aligning working practices with biological processes, it reveals the untapped potential that current ways of working are ill-equipped to discover and leverage.


Facilitating subtle shifts in perceptions, it has a massively transformative impact on workplace culture and practices.



As the initial phase of our Ingenious Programme, we collaborate with Leadership and Management teams to identify pain points and tailor the delivery of the Universal Core Content for best fit.

By meeting with each strategic level to explore specific perspectives on what is needed, we gain an extensive overview of the business that forms the integral foundation to our work. 


This phase allows both staff and leadership input, illuminating the overall culture in which people perform, as well as the specifics.


This information identifies insights into what transformations will be most valuable.


A plan is then developed in partnership with the business and extensively reviewed and revisited to ensure it is the best possible way forward.



Bespoke delivery of Universal Core Content, including:

  • Exposing the inverse correlation between the Limbic system (fight/flight/freeze) and the Pre-frontal Cortex (highest executive functions) and the affect this has on everything;

  • Identifying which brain system is responsible for which professional task, allowing for more meaningful productivity;

  • Exploring the brains rhythms and timing to ensure much more effective prioritisation and time management;

  • Tools which encourage and enable emotional intelligence and empower individual self- awareness. Bringing the unconscious into the conscious to leverage the power of intentionality;

  • Building emotional resilience at an individual and company level to foster the ability to perceive available choices and make the right decisions. Emotional reliance also allows for flexibility and agility in the fast-paced changing world;

  • Spotlighting the complexity of communication to allow for authentic, connected information exchange, and;

  • Critical thinking – levelling up discernment at a time when it has never been more essential.

Are you Ingenious?
Do you dare to be?



Leverage rewards to incentivise the upward spiral and develop the ongoing celebration framework.

Because we know negative screams and positive whispers, it is vital that a framework is embedded to amplify what is working well and creating transformational shifts.


By doing this, we leverage the other side of the limbic / PFC dance, which is to move towards reward and guarantees the continuation of the upward spiral.   



With the new-found fundamentals in place, we support the creation and application of a brain-friendly strategy for positive development and growth. 

The Universal Core Content is tailored so that it works for whole company delivery - which is short, smart and interactive. For example, whole company training comprises of a series of five sessions, lasting no longer than 90 minutes. (This is essentially one full day's training, broken down into a brain-friendly delivery format);

  • Leaders will have one-to-one sessions to focus on their specific challenges and solutions. (The number of these will be decided in Phase 1);

  • Management teams will have focused sessions on practices which best align to how the brain works to maximise their input and outcomes;

  • Any additional sessions which may be needed for individuals will have been decided in phase 1.

All sessions are interactive, use a variety of media as well as ensuring participants directly experience the effects of different brain systems as they are activated. This ultimately enables participants to pause and reflect and determine the most effective course of action.

Ingenious levels up:

  • Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

  • Self-managing

  • Cognitive Performance

  • Creativity

  • Productivity

  • Efficacy

  • Communication

  • Learning & Discerning

  • Wellbeing

Ingenious solves:

  • Engagement

  • Retention

  • Stress

  • Attitude and morale

  • Ineffective productivity 

  • Misplaced management

Born from working within the field of education and social development initially, this synthesis of practice was first piloted within a higher education facility. Over a thousand students and staff were coached in its methodology which significantly impacted on success, academic achievement, retention and well-being. It has undergone further robust development in delivery with partners including the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, Emerald Publishing Group, 

Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Automated Homes, and Amanda Kingsland Skin Therapy.

This programme has been tested to enhance wellbeing, overcome anxiety and depression and build true emotional resilience. With such vast numbers of working hours lost to these issues we feel that from its beginning to its current format we can solve these pain points that so many businesses are experiencing.

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