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Case Studies

We work with SMEs, large firms, and governmental bodies using scientific knowledge to help their teams achieve tangible increases in productivity, creativity and teamwork.

Unconscious Bias Training with Emerald Publishing

At a time when the benefits of inclusion in business are so very evident, one of the key barriers is:




And it's written in large, to emphasise that it works in ways we don’t even realise. Of course it does; its unconscious!


At its very core, Emerald Publishing believes that a diverse workforce leads to better decisions and improved organisational performance. To ensure that the company makes this vision a reality, Emerald launched its STRIDE programme to promote gender equality and celebrate diversity on all levels, including race, sexuality and mental health.

Mindful that to ensure best practice in their global management teams, Emerald Publishing invited Chase Coaching to facilitate engaging and transformative sessions with these teams. 


We delivered the majority of the training at Emerald publishing's UK site in Bingley. The sessions were structured in three-hour blocks, with two ten-minute breaks. This was to ensure that the workshops were focused, and maximised learning - or, simply put, they were "brain friendly".


The system in the brain which we use for initial learning operates as a battery, rather than on the mains, which means we can’t keep going indefinitely and hope it will all sink in.

Multi-sensory content, with a good smattering of playfulness, allowed us to cover a topic that can at times be uncomfortable.

One of the main challenges of focusing on unconscious bias is this: the more you highlight embedded stereotypes, the more they can become embedded. A paradox. By using what we now know about the machinery of mind meant that those pitfalls were exposed and avoided, so that people got the best possible outcomes from the training, and could then go away and reflect on where their own blinds pots could be using the Harvard Unconscious Bias test.


For the international management teams, we conducted a condensed version of the workshop over Skype, which allowed people to digest the main points and headlines, and follow up themselves in more depth if they so wished. 

I could happily have an entire day on this subject. This was brilliant! Huge thanks and I will definitely be following up!

Emerald Publishing

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