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At Chase Coaching, we bring decades of experience, deep scientific knowledge, and a genuine affability to successfully train both high-performing individuals, and ambitious teams - unlocking their powerful potential. Please see our services below, and click on each to learn more:

Bespoke Corporate Training

Chase Coaching delivers bespoke, SMART Training Programmes, tailored to your specific needs, which will positively transform working practices.


Introducing fresh perspectives with the brain in mind means we apply a scientific approach to the Art of Leadership and Management. We use a unique synthesis of tools and strategies guaranteed to enhance performance.

Working with SMEs, large firms, and governmental organisations, Chase Coaching delivers tailored training programs bespoke to our clients - unlocking their employees' potential and resulting in truly tangible benefits for the business, namely:

  • Increased productivity, creativity and efficiency;

  • Improved satisfaction at work leading to a higher
    employee retention rate;

  • Less stress in the individuals;

  • Avoiding costly mismanagement mistakes;

  • Better people output resulting in better business.​

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Training menu:

  • Cognitive performance
    Enhancing the quality, the efficiency and power of people's thinking. Improving problem solving and lateral thinking.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
    In a world of high performers, this enables the whole person to come to work.

  • Self-management 
    Managers are free to focus on task and outcomes with positive autonomy instead of people.


  • Creativity
    When properly engaged, there is no box to the machinery of the mind.

  • Productivity
    Because everyone wants to do the best they can.


  • Efficacy
    Developing a combination of skills which hardwire top performance.

  • Communication
    Having so many ways to communicate has muddied the waters. We reintroduce clarity.

  • Learning and Discerning 
    In the ‘fake news’ era critical thinking has never been more important.

  • Wellbeing
    Improving self-awareness, mindfulness and collaboration. 

    All of theses topics solve the issues of engagement, retention, stress, motivation and enhance the overall working culture.

Clients include Emerald Publishing, Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Automated Homes, and Amanda Kingsland Skin Therapy.


Ingenious is a Chase Coaching programme designed specifically to maximise performance, creativity and productivity in business, across all strategic levels.


Filtered through the lens of Applied Neuroscience, Ingenious uses a unique synthesis of simple, elegant and effective tools and strategies. Aligning working practices with biological processes, it reveals the untapped potential that current ways of working are ill-equipped to discover and leverage.


Facilitating subtle shifts in perceptions, it has a massively transformative impact on workplace culture and practices.

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Unconscious Bias

The benefits of inclusion in business are so very evident in today's day and age, and when HR teams across the country are doing what they can to encourage diverse teams, one of the key barriers is: unconscious bias.


It works in ways we don’t even realise. Of course it does; it's unconscious!

By leveraging our deep knowledge of how the brain works, we deliver effective and transformative training to the UK's most ambitious companies. 

Executive Coaching

In addition to our corporate services, we offer personalised one-to-one coaching for ambitious executives, to help unlock their potential and reach their goals.

An initial chemistry session identifies the areas of focus and illuminates the myriad of journeys possible by applying Neuroscience. 


In an 8-week transformational period, specific goals and milestones are explored to ensure the sessions are tailored to the specific desired outcomes. Whether it's clarity of thought, a focused process, feeling more confident or nailing that promotion, we help you reach those very attainable desires.


Even after the initial series of sessions, we provide longevity and ensure continued client success by meeting once a month to ensure the self-coaching model is fully embedded.

One to One Coaching Session with Maria C
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30-Minute Dilemma Coaching

We all experience challenges that we can find difficult and hard to solve. By asking particular types of questions that work in line with what we now know about the brain, NeuroLeadership Dilemma Coaching can help move you through your current challenge quickly and effectively.


Taking no more than half an hour, a way forward is guaranteed, or you will not be charged for the session.

Enquire below to book a session within 24 hours (as some dilemmas need to be solved as soon as possible).

Corporate Training
Unconscious Bias
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