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Guest Series: Reena Dayal

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

We meet some amazing brains in the world and every so often we get them to share their insights and broaden our horizons.

This brilliant brain is the Author of the Brilliance Quotient, Entrepreneur Reena Dayal.

In your experience, how is coaching enabling business to thrive? And what have you seen as its main impact, to name one?

Coaching is an enabler and by following the correct processes, we help our clients accelerate personal growth. I ensure that we close the loop by propelling their personal growth allowing them to grow their business and create purposeful organisations whilst achieving their personal aspirations. In the short term therefore, my clients tend to experience less stress, more energy, a clearer mind, new perspectives, faster, better decision-making, and a stronger emotional quotient. In other words, they begin to experience the benefits of unlocking leadership 'capacity'.

In the medium- to long-term, the main impact is a seamless and powerful alignment of their efforts, life purpose and business vision. They experience the benefits of leading themselves, their teams, businesses, and communities with higher purpose and magnetic personal brand fuelled by huge reserves of personal mental and emotional energy.

What was the inspiration for the book? Why did you write it?

We are living in a world which requires purposeful leaders who are leading purpose-driven organisations. It is no easy task as everything is in a state of flux and disruption, and so unpredictability is the norm. Therein I see the opportunity. When molten lava is flowing, the energy and direction of the flow can change the landscape. So also, in a world that is unpredictable purpose - driven leaders have a unique opportunity to change the direction and flow of their business and that of the ecosystem within which they thrive.

In order to achieve this, these individuals need more than just leadership skills taught in training programmes. They need to align, galvanise and accelerate their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies so they can lead business transformation and change the business landscape. This is the juncture my clients are at, and so are many leaders. My book is my gift to them.

I wish my book to be the catalyst for high-performing leaders poised to become purposeful visionaries.

If you were to say, in one sentence, what is the key ingredient to "being brilliant"?

Mastering the science and art of effortless leadership is key to being brilliant :)

I hear you have spent some time touring university business schools to input on their programmes - how has that experience felt?

It gives me hope and feels extremely energising. Business schools offer people a space to challenge, experiment, debate and create new ideas. It's the 'molten lava' stage of a leader's mind, and the opportunity to be in that space is special. Most executive MBAs I have spoken with after my session have said they have walked away with new perspectives on how they can re-define and re-frame their careers, their life, their transition points, their leadership journey. I hold them to it. It is the first step to becoming purpose-driven leaders.

Reena Dayal is an author, leadership accelerator, and career transition expert, with an executive coaching, corporate HR and leadership training track record of 25+ years across multiple sectors. She has worked with CEOs and global leaders across 26 countries and has a wealth of experience in transforming companies and leadership teams. Her vision is to accelerate the transition of C-suite, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to be visionaries leading purpose-driven organisations.

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