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It's not rocket science;

it's Neuroscience

NeuroLeadership Coaching & Facilitation from Maria Chase

We are on a mission to transform the world, one mind at a time.

Applying cutting-edge solutions from neuroscience, Chase Coaching catalyses peak performance, enhancing creativity and driving tangible productivity for executives, managers and teams at corporate organisations.


My name is Maria, and welcome to my site.


I am a Results Certified Coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute, and founder of Chase Coaching; the preferred training provider for high-performing individuals and ambitious companies.


Working with thousands of people, it has been a privilege to experience the potency of the neuroscientific approach, and witness the continuing and exciting developments it engenders.

Our work is based on cutting-edge science, catalysing powerful change from within the individuals and culture that make up your business.​

Maria's gentle but strong approach encouraged me to explore even the most challenging of topics, gain insight, and decide on a way forward. Her understanding of the key principle of neuroscience is superb, and her ability to use it to reframe dilemmas was inspired and extremely helpful. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Aisling Westerdijk, Mindlight Consulting Executive Coach and Personal Brand Strategist

Presenting Ingenious
The Evolution of Working

Ingenious is a powerful and transformative Neuroleadership programme that maximises performance, creativity and productivity in business across all strategic levels. Filtered through the lens of Applied Neuroscience, Ingenious uses a unique synthesis of simple, elegant and effective tools and strategies. Facilitating subtle shifts in perceptions, this programme has a massively transformative impact on workplace culture and practices.



We collaborate with Leadership and Management teams to identify pain points and tailor the delivery of the Universal Core Content for best fit.



Bespoke delivery of Universal Core Content through interactive sessions, embedding the core skills required for change.



With the new-found fundamentals in place, we support the creation and application of a brain-friendly strategy for positive development and growth. 



Leverage rewards to incentivise the upward spiral. Develop the ongoing celebration framework

Very informative. Excellent delivery. Will take away many previous unknown ideas. Many thanks!

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

More Services

In addition to our corporate training, we also offer one-to-one coaching, for a more personal and tailored service, and a 30-minute dilemma session, to deal with issues quickly as they arise. See more below.

One-to-One Coaching

Confidential, focused and dynamic space where high-performing and ambitious professionals can identify and explore their challenges and goals with an expert.


NeuroLeadership practice sets a context which aligns with how the brain works, empowering our clients to discover their own solutions - creating the visions and strategies which take things forward.

30-Minute Dilemma Coaching

We all experience challenges that we can find difficult and hard to solve. By asking particular types of questions that work in line with what we now know about the brain, NeuroLeadership Dilemma Coaching can help move you through your current challenge quickly and effectively.


Taking no more than half an hour, a way forward is guaranteed, or you will not be charged for the session.

Enquire below to book a session within 24 hours (as some dilemmas need to be solved as soon as possible).

Unconscious Bias Training

The benefits of inclusion in business are so very evident in today's day and age, and when HR teams across the country are doing what they can to encourage diverse teams, one of the key barriers is: unconscious bias.


It works in ways we don’t even realise. Of course it does; its unconscious!


By leveraging our deep knowledge of how the brain works, we deliver effective and transformative training to the UK's most ambitious companies. 

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